Job Opportunity- Multiple Positions with the US Fish & Wildlife Service

Wildlife Biologist

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1834869-JM

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1834845-JM

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1834884-JM

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1834867-JM

Fish and Wildlife Biologist (Ecological Services-PARTNERS)

Merit Promotion, GS-5/7, FWS17-1843294-MS

DEU, GS-5/7, FWS17-1843420-MS

Merit Promotion, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843457-MS

DEU, GS-9/11, FWS17-1843540-MS

Event Dates

Starts: November 04, 2016 0:00am

Ends: November 18, 2016 0:00am