San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Species on the Edge Symposium

January 30, 2014 0:00am

Location: San Diego Zoo Beckman Center San Diego, CA ( Google Maps)

The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) and partners are hosting a symposium entitled Species on the Edge: Monitoring and Management for Southern California's Most Imperiled Wildlife. The symposium will be held at the San Diego Zoo Beckman Center on January 30, 2014 from 9am to 4pm. Due to limited seating availability, this symposium is by invitation only. Talks will be presented by researchers from the USGS Western Ecological Research Center and topics will include (abstracts linked): Synthesis of California gnatcatcher monitoring results: abstract [27KB], power point presentation [2.6MB] Population genetic structure of gnatcatchers and cactus wren: abstract [33KB], power point presentation [5.5MB] Management and monitoring recommendations for arroyo toads: abstract [13KB], power point presentation [] Management and monitoring recommendations for southwestern pond turtles: abstract [12KB], power point presentation [7.1MB] Habitat restoration to benefit southwestern willow flycatcher: abstract [26KB], power point presentation [6.2MB] Recommendations for improving infrastructure to ensure preserve-wide connectivity: abstract [10KB], power point presentation [3.6MB] Rapid Assessment Protocols: abstract [27KB], power point presentation [] Special thanks to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for the symposium's funding, the Institute for Conservation Research for hosting, the San Diego Management and Monitoring and The Nature Conservancy for planning assistance, and the USGS speakers for contributing.

Agenda [371KB] Contact Info: Jerre Stallcup Email: