San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Checkerspot Butterfly Workshop

January 28, 2014 0:00am

Location: San Fransisco, CA ( Google Maps)

Conservation and management of three imperiled West Coast butterflies: Bay, Quino, and Taylor's checkerspots.

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SDMMP Presentations:

Title of Presentation: Changing Distribution Patterns of Quino checkerspot in Response to a Changing Environment

Brief Description: The distribution of Quino checkerspot in coastal southern California has shifted away from the coast since the 1930s and more recently has expanded eastward into higher elevation foothills of the Peninsular Ranges. Early extinctions along the coastal plain and valleys appear related to land use and a decline in wildflowers coinciding with an increase in invasive non-native grasses and forbs. More recent expansions into the foothills since the late 1990s are more closely associated with climate variables than to land use. This upward shift in elevation is consistent with models predicting Quino checkerspot distributions under altered climate conditions.

Presenter: Kristine Preston provides science support for the San Diego Management and Monitoring Program (SDMMP). In a previous position at UC Riverside’s Center for Conservation Biology, she developed models predicting Quino checkerspot habitat distributions and local population extinctions/expansions in relation to changing environmental conditions. Working with the SDMMP team, she is currently developing habitat models for Quino checkerspot that are at a fine enough resolution to inform monitoring and management activities in western San Diego County. These activities include restoring Quino checkerspot habitat to allow for more resilient populations and greater connectivity between occurrences.

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Contact Info: Yvonne Moore Email: Phone: Cell: 951-712-2078