San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Dec 2011 EMPWG Meeting

December 13, 2011 0:00am

Location: 401 B Street San Diego, CA USA ( Google Maps)

The next EMPWG meeting will be held December 13, 2011 at SANDAG.

The Environmental Mitigation Program Working Group advises the Regional Planning Committee on issues related to the implementation of TransNet’s Environmental Mitigation Program (EMP). The EMP consists of direct mitigation of planned transportation projects and the regional habitat acquisition, management, and monitoring activities necessary to implement the Multiple Species Conservation Program and the Multiple Habitat Conservation Program.

Members of the working group include representatives from the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, the four SANDAG sub-regions, state and federal wildlife agencies, and several organizations, representing disciplines and interests involved in the implementation of the EMP.

The EMPWG generally meets from 1 to 3 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every other month (odd months).

Agenda Copies of Environmental Mitigation Program Working Group meeting agendas, action notes, and presentations are available on the SANDAG website at