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Job Opportunity- Climate Change and Forest Inventory Specialist

August 08, 2016 0:00am

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Fire and Resource Assessment Program

The Climate Change and Forest Inventory Specialist position (job class: Environmental Scientist / Sr. Environmental Scientist) was created through California Assembly Bill (AB) 1504. AB 1504 requires the Board of Forestry to ensure that its rules and regulations that govern the harvesting of commercial forest tree species consider the capacity of forest resources to sequester carbon dioxide emissions sufficient to meet or exceed the state’s greenhouse gas reduction requirements for the forestry sector, consistent with the scoping plan adopted by the State Air Resources Board. The purpose of the position is to provide technical skills in forestry and statistics that support reporting requirements under AB 1504. These reporting requirements require assessing carbon storage and emissions from forests and wood products. This requires integrating data on forests inventory from a variety of sources, the use of complex models and statistics to provide detailed reporting to Board of Forestry on forest carbon on an annual basis. The position will also support climate change planning efforts in forestry for CAL FIRE by serving as a subject matter expert on forest carbon accounting and related forest inventory methods.

Applications for the Climate Change and Forest Inventory Specialist position are being accepted as either an Environmental Scientist or Senior Environmental Scientist depending on qualifications. If not currently on a current hiring list applicants must take an on-line exam for Environmental Scientist or Senior Environmental Scientist to gain list eligibility. Detailed instructions for applying and a duty statement are provided on the following web site.

To apply for the position as an Environmental Scientist use the

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