Job Opportunity- Pesticide Applicator

The City of San Diego is currently hiring a Pesticide Applicator. Application Number: T10636-201605

SALARY: $18.97 - $22.62 Hourly $1,517.60 - $1,809.60 Biweekly $39,457.60 - $47,049.60 Annually

CLOSING DATE: 07/06/16 05:00 PM

JOB INFORMATION: Pesticide Applicator positions identify plant diseases and target pests; determine proper chemical, solution, and additive rates and report to a supervisor before any applications are made; keep records and maintain logs on chemical applications, chemical category, and time and equipment cards; perform preventive maintenance and change pumps, reels and hoses on all vehicles; and perform other duties as assigned.

For more information and to apply, see the City's website.

Event Dates

Starts: June 27, 2016 0:00am

Ends: July 06, 2016 17:00pm