San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Climate-Smart Conservation Training

November 06, 2015 0:00am

This free one-day Training is based on the guide Climate-Smart Conservation: Putting Adaptation Principles into Practice. This publication is the product of an expert workgroup on climate change adaptation convened by the National Wildlife Federation in collaboration with the FWS’s National Conservation Training Center and other partners. The course is designed to provide an introduction to climate adaptation for application to on-the-ground conservation. It will provide an overview of how to craft climate-informed conservation goals, to carry out adaptation with intentionality, and how to manage for change and not just persistence.


At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

Explain the basic concepts of climate-smart conservation including overarching themes, key characteristics, and the cycle Evaluate conservation goals from a climate change perspective, and align adaptation strategies with climate-informed goals Describe the process for identifying possible adaptation options based on vulnerability information and other management considerations Explain how to manage for climate related uncertainty

To Register Contact Christy Coghlan at or 304.876.7438. DOI Learn credits are available. If you register for the class, you are expected to attend the entire day.

Contact for CA LCC

Amber Pairis at or 916.205.9478

For more information, see the website, Click here