Final Long-term Management Plan for Fox- Miller Property Open Space Carlsbad, California

Type: report

Article abstract: This long-term management plan (LTMP) provides a framework for the enhancement and management of thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia) populations, Diegan coastal sage scrub, native grassland, and southern willow scrub on the Fox-Miller Property open space, which includes approximately 18.11 acres of land in the city of Carlsbad, San Diego County. The dedication of the open space and the implementation of the associated LTMP fulfill a portion of the mitigation for impacts to the biological resources associated with development of the property. This plan will become effective following the completion and approval of the five-year maintenance and monitoring activities associated with the approved restoration plan prepared for this project. The open space will be managed in perpetuity to maintain and improve the habitat quality onsite. Habitat enhancement of the open space will benefit the thread-leaved brodiaea as well as a variety of wildlife species using the open space. Management guidelines and the responsible parties are identified in this document. This plan was written and is believed to be in conformance with the Multiple Habitat Conservation Program (San Diego Association of Governments [SANDAG] 1998), the City of Carlsbad's Habitat Management Plan for Natural Communities (City of Carlsbad 1999), and Section D of the draft Open Space Management Plan.

Number of pages: 28

Authors: Loeffler, Wendy;

Day: 23

Month: November

Year: 2005

Prepared for: H.G. Fenton Company;

Prepared by: RECON Environmental Inc.;

Keywords: Fox-Miller Property open space; MHCP;

Species: Thread-leaved brodiaea

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub