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Short-leaved dudleya
Dudleya brevifolia

Kingdom Phylum Subphylum Class Order Suborder Family

Current distribution rangewide

Endemic to San Diego County occurring only along the coast between Del Mar and La Jolla [1].

Known Populations in San Diego County

There are five occurrences of this species, including an occurrence in MU 6 at Carmel Mountain Preserve and four occurrences in MU 7 at Crest Canyon, Skeleton Canyon, Torrey Pines State Reserve, and Torrey Pines Extension [2].

List status


Habitat affinities

Occurs on sandstone bluffs and in sandy openings in chamise chaparral on Carlsbad gravelly loam soils in association with small iron concretions [1,3]. It is often in areas with native annual forbs and while not a wetland species it occurs in areas where soils remain saturated for a relatively long period after rain [4].

Taxonomy and genetics

in the family Crassulaceae.

Life history demography

Herbaceous perennial [5].

Seasonal phenology

Large annual fluctuations in population size [5].

Pollination seed dispersal

Pollinated by insects [6]. Seeds are thought to be self-dispersed.


Trampling by hikers, bikers, dogs and horses, illegal trails, invasive non-native plants and erosion [7]. A small number of occurrences in close proximity make the species vulnerable to loss from catastrophic disturbance and environmental stochasticity.

Special considerations:

Special considerations: Very small and can be difficult to detect when not flowering [5].

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