San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Dunn's mariposa lily
Calochortus dunnii

Kingdom Phylum Subphylum Class Order Suborder Family

Current distribution rangewide

Ranges from San Diego County to Baja California, Mexico [1,2].

Known Populations in San Diego County

Occurrences found in MU 3 (San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, Otay Ranch Preserve, BLM), MU 4 (Cleveland National Forest), MU 10 (Cleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park), and MU 11 (Cleveland National State Forest).

List status

State listed Rare [3].

Habitat affinities

Found in closed-cone coniferous forest, chaparral, valley and foothill grassland communities. Gabbroic or metavolcanic, rocky soils. [1,2].

Taxonomy and genetics

In the Liliaceae family [1,4].

Life history demography

A perrenial bulbiferous herb [1,4].

Seasonal phenology

Blooms from April to June [1,4].

Pollination seed dispersal

No information.


Threatened by development, nonnative plants, and vehicles [1].

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