San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Coast wallflower
Erysimum ammophilum

Kingdom Phylum Subphylum Class Order Suborder Family

Current distribution rangewide

Endemic to California [1]. Reported from San Diego County, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz County, and Monterey County [2].

Known Populations in San Diego County

Within the MSPA, two extant occurrences in MUs 6 and 7 [3]. In MU6, found in east Del Mar at Overlook Park and in MU7, found at Crest Canyon.

List status


Habitat affinities

Occurs below 60m elevation in sandy areas and openings in maritime chaparral, coastal dunes, and coastal scrub [4]. Reported in eroded dunes away from the existing beachline, and sandy locales in chaparral openings [2]. Locations at Torrey Pines State Park map to Corralitos loamy sand and locations at Camp Pendleton map to Olivenhain cobbly loam.

Taxonomy and genetics

Originally classified in more widespread and inland species, Erysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum. More recently combined with coastal Santa Cruz and island populations into E. ammophilum [5].

Life history demography

Family Brassicaceae.

Seasonal phenology

Yellow-flowered perennial, blooms February-June [4]. Elsewhere reported as biennial [2].

Pollination seed dispersal

No information.


Close to extirpation in San Diego County [2].Threatened by development [4]. As with other coastal strand and dune plants, likely to have been adversely affected by coastal development, human disturbance and competition with non-native invasive plants.

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