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powerpoint presentation
Headwaters Stream Assessment Results and SDRPF Citizen Science Programming
Lead author: Shannon Quigley-Raymond
A 2 part presentation from the San Diego River Park Foundation. The first part covers the results of their Headwaters Stream Assessment and the second part cover their 14 year Citizen Science Program.

report 2015
Final Report for San Diego River Park Watch Project
Lead author: Shannon Quigley-Raymond
The two-year San Diego River Park Watch project (agreement #5001771) scope included institutionalization of Park Watch volunteer park patrols along Santee's River Park, invasive nonnative plant and trash removal as well as access control and native planting to protect and enhance Santee's River Park. Community engagement and involvement were intrinsic to the success of the project and implemented through stewardship projects such as clean-ups and invasive plant removal events as well as the Park Watch park patrol program. Maintenance and monitoring were performed through the San Diego River Park Foundation's RiverBlitz surveys in April and October as well as volunteer events and site visits by project staff.

report 2020
The San Diego River Park Foundation’s Boulder Creek – Townsends Big-Eared Bat Project Last Quarterly Progress Report and Final Report
The goal of this project is to increase the suitability of roosting habitat for Townsend’s big-eared bat (MSP Category SO (Significant occurrence(s) at risk of loss from MSPA)) by installing a gate in the entrance of a mine and controlling the existing erosion threat there. The project also includes creation of interpretive materials to increase community awareness about these sensitive species and the habitats upon which they rely