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report 2018
Resource Management Plan for Sage Hill Preserve San Diego County
Sage Hill Preserve (Preserve) consists of approximately 231.5 acres1 located in the Elfin Forest community of unincorporated San Diego County, California (Figure 1). The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) acquired the Preserve in partnership with The Conservation Fund and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) in 2009. A majority of the Preserve (168.2 acres) was specifically acquired to provide mitigation for projects undertaken by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) (Figure 2). The remaining 63.3 acres of the Preserve were acquired utilizing grant funding from the Wildlife Agencies Section 6 program and cannot be used as mitigation for projects.

report 2010
Baseline Biological Survey Report for the Sage Hill Preserve County of San Diego
AECOM conducted baseline biological surveys of the County of San Diego?s Sage Hill Preserve (Preserve). This effort was undertaken to provide biological data, information, and analysis to the San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to aid their development of a Resource Management Plan with Area Specific Management Directives for the Preserve. To evaluate the Preserve?s biological resources, AECOM performed the following studies: a) vegetation mapping; b) sensitive plant surveys; c) invasive plant surveys; d) butterfly surveys; e) amphibian surveys; f) reptile pit traps and surveys; g) avian point counts; h) nocturnal bird surveys; i) acoustic surveys and roost surveys for bats; j) small mammal trapping, and k) camera survey stations for medium and large mammals. This report describes all survey methodologies, data collected, and analyses performed during the survey, which occurred from February through December, 2009. The report also includes management recommendations based on the survey results. These recommendations cover management and monitoring of sensitive plant and animal species, including species covered by the North County Multiple Species Conservation Program (North County MSCP). It also includes recommendations for management and monitoring of vegetation communities, control of invasive non-native plant species, and other recommendations to ameliorate illegal collection of animal species from the Preserve. The Preserve covers approximately 231.51 acres of native and non-native habitats, including Diegan coastal sage scrub, southern maritime chaparral, coastal sage-chaparral scrub, coastal and valley freshwater marsh, southern oak riparian forest, non-native grassland, disturbed habitat, and tamarisk scrub. All of the Preserve is within the proposed North County MSCP preserve system. The 2009 surveys documented 8 vegetation types and 239 species within the Preserve. The species detected included 146 plant species (of which 97 were native), wildlife surveys detected 13 butterfly species, 4 amphibian species (including one non-native), 8 reptile species, 48 bird species (including one non-native), and 20 mammal species (including one non-native). Of these species, there are 11 special-status species of which six are North County MSCP-covered species (2 plants and 4 animals).