Reports and Products

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Maps and GIS

Google Earth (kml) and Shapfiles (shp)
· MSP-Master Occurrence Matrix (MOM) [SHP][KML][XLSX] *Updated 10/28/15

· 2012 Vegetation GIS and Invasive Species GIS [link to SANDAG website]

· MSP-Management Unit Boundaries [KML] [zipped SHP]
· Level 2 Invasive Plant GIS [KML] [zipped SHP

Standard Layers Online Map Viewer- MOM and Conserved Lands, click here.

MSP 2014-2016 Priorities Viewer- Priority actions for implementation, click here

**A "no data" value of -999 is used to distinguish a zero from "no data"

Static Maps
· Conserved Lands in San Diego County [Letter- in progress] [Poster- in progress]
· Core Habitat Areas and Linkages- Updated 7/27/15 [1.8MB]
· MSP- Management Units [1.4MB]
· San Diego County Habitat Planning Areas [in progress]


Workshops and Symposiums

· MSP Workshop Presentation 4-23-14 (10.5MB) and WebEx (click here)

· Feral Pig Presentation (10MB)

· Genetics Workshop (click here)

· Endemic Plant Symposium (click here)

· Species on the Edge Symposium (click here)

· Coastal Cactus Wren Symposium (click here)

· Connectivity Strategic Plan Science Session (click here)

· Dahlem Conference Summary Document- Groups 1, 2, and 3 (click here)

Species Highlights

· Cactus Wren (click here)

Land Management Projects [go to table]

South San Diego County Grasslands Project, Draft Reports Jan 2013

· A Conceptual Model for Otay tarplant [1.5MB]
· RJER Otay Tarplant Restoration Study [122KB]
· Restoration Methods and Experimental Design Summary [1.6MB]
· Grassland and Forbland Habitat Assessments [zipped 1.2MB]
· Otay Tarplant Maps and Goals and Objectives [zipped 2.8MB]
· Quino Checkerspot Maps and Goals and Objectives [zipped 3.3MB]


Management Reports

South San Diego County Coastal Cactus Wren (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus) Habitat Conservation and Management Plan. The Nature Conservancy. June 2015. [Library Link]

PSHB and GSOB Management Presentations. Tom W. Coleman, USDA Forest Service- Biology and management of the goldspotted oak borer and polyphagous shot hole borer [5.8MB]. Richard Stouthamer, UCR, et al.- Update on the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer in California [2.2MB].

  • PSHB Decision Making Flowchart [336KB], PSHB Symptoms and Look-alikes [819KB], PSHB Distribution Map [281KB]

California Pollinator Plants- Native Milkweeds (Asclepias spp.). USDA and NRCS aid for using milkweed in restoration [1.3MB].

Brachypodium Control: Experimental Treatments to Control Brachypodium, An Adaptive Approach for Conserving Endemic Species in San Diego County, California. Conservation Biology Institute. June 2014 [6.5MB], Appendices [8.9MB]

An Adaptive Management approach to recovering burrowing owl populations and restoring a grassland ecosystem in San Diego County Institute for Conservation Research, San Diego Zoo Global. 2013 [click here]

Adaptive Management Framework for San Diego Thornmint, Acanthomintha ilicifolia, San Diego County, California, Conservation Biology Institute with SDMMP. 2014. Framework [3.6MB], Appendices A, C, D, E [7.5MB], Appendix B [96KB]. 

Captive Propagation and Release Plan for Quino Checkerspot Butterfly, The Urban Wildlands Group, Sept 2012. [4.3MB]


Framework/Template for Implementing Adaptive Management, SDSU IEMM Draft report June 2013 [14MB]


Natural areas ecological damage and economic costs survey report, Sweitzer and McCann 2007 [3.6MB]


Wild Pigs, biology, damage, control techniques and management, SRNL 2009 [8.0MB]


Land Management Plan for the Rancho Jamul ER, TAIC 2008 [22MB], Appendices [4.6MB]

Monitoring Reports


Biotelemetry Data for Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) Captured in Coastal Southern California, November 2014-February 2016. [20MB]

J26 Vernal Pool Annual Reports and Data Downloads

· VDM Annual Report Year 1[13MB], Year 2[21MB]

· VDM Annual Report Year 4 with data [8MB]

· Programmatic Reference Pool Monitoring Protocol [44KB]

· J26 VP monitoring data spreadsheets [245KB]

· J26 VP monitoring data shapefiles [11KB]

· J26 VP monitoring pictures part 1[22.5MB], part 2[27.5MB], part 3[6MB], part 4[25MB], part 5[22.6MB]

· J26 VP GIS Data [7MB]

· J26 VP Hydromonitoring 2014-2015 [16KB]

San Diego MSCP Status Report: 1997 - 2011, Dec 2012

· Cover, Table of Contents, and Sections 1 thru 8 [431KB]
· Appendix 1: MSCP Covered Plant Species Summary [15MB]
· Appendix 2: MSCP Covered Animal Species Summary [19MB]


USGS Badger Report, 2012 [4.5MB]


USGS Coastal Cactus Wren Genetic Study - San Diego and Orange Counties - Final Report, 2012 [4.0MB]


USGS Coastal Cactus Wren Genetic Study - Coastal Southern California - Final Report, 2013 [2.1MB]


U.C. Davis Mountain Lion Interim Progress Report
· Progress Report [616KB]
· Appendix A [88MB]
· Appendix B [9.5MB]


SR-94 Wildlife Crossing and Highway Expansion [8.7MB]

SR-94 Wildlife Crossing Presentation [9.2MB]

Wildlife Crossing Structure Handbook- Caltrans [10.6MB]

Strategic Plans

Management Strategic Plan for Conserved Lands in Western San Diego County

[go to webpage]

Invasive Plant Species Strategic Plan
· Management Priorities for Invasive Non-Native Plants, Sep 2012 [10MB]
· Plant Assessment Forms [go to webpage]

· Level 2 Invasive Plant GIS Shapefile (see Maps and GIS downloads)

· Species ID Handout Sheets [2.8MB]

Connectivity Monitoring Strategic Plan
· Connectivity Monitoring Strategic Plan, Jan 2011 [440KB]
· Appendix 1 [87KB]
· Appendix 2 [132KB]
· Appendix 3 [7.7MB]