Connectivity Monitoring

The MSCP and MHCP plans and supporting and subsequent documents include information regarding the importance of functionally linked core areas in meeting preserve system goals, linkage goals, and the need for monitoring to evaluate linkage function. The overarching and interrelated goals of connectivity amongst core conserved habitat areas are:

                         1) ensuring the persistence of species across the preserve system and

                         2) preserving ecosystem functions across the landscape.


      The SDMMP has developed a draft Connectivity Monitoring Strategic Plan (CMSP) to provide direction for connectivity monitoring that helps assess if these dual goals are being achieved and to identify and inform adaptive management actions needed to maintain, restore, or improve connectivity between conserved core areas in San Diego County. The development of the CMSP has been informed by expert-based discussions facilitated by the SMMP between November 2009 and July 2010. A technical working group met to discuss connectivity issues including species, habitats, ecosystem function, monitoring methodologies and potential approaches to monitoring both species and ecosystem function. The technical working group identified scientists with a variety of expertise to participate in a one-day connectivity workshop (Click here for workshop materials) focused on further evaluating groupings, monitoring priorities and potential connectivity methodologies.



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