Animal Monitoring

The SDMMP, in conjunction with the USFWS and CDFG, is developing and testing regional monitoring protocols for Risk Group 1 animal species across San Diego County. The regional animal protocols were developed to provide a unified and cohesive data set to inform agencies and jurisdictions of the success of the MSCP and the effectiveness of management actions. These protocols are still in draft form and are not appropriate for preserve-level monitoring.


The regional animal monitoring protocols employ a set of scientific principles that will establish the standard for collection, analysis, and interpretation of data generated. These principles will ensure a program that is scientifically rigorous, question-based, and with the strongest inference possible. In addition, the principles will ensure that monitoring efforts efficiently provide data that are relevant and enable valid comparisons between populations separated by distance and time.

  • Burrowing Owl Regional Protocol
  • California Least Tern Regional Protocol
  • Coastal California Cactus Wren Regional Protocol (Winchell_2008_DRAFT_CAWRprotocol)
  • Coastal California Gnatcatcher Regional Protocol (Winchell_2008_DRAFT_CAGNprotocol)
  •   2016 Regional Gnatcatcher Monitoring Information
  • Light-Footed Clapper Rail Regional Protocol
  • Riverside Fairy Shrimp Regional Protocol
  • San Diego Fairy Shrimp Regional Protocol
  • Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Regional Protocol
  • Thorne's Hairstreak Regional Protocol
  • Tricolored Blackbird Regional Protocol
  • Wandering Skipper Regional Protocol


    Visit the Plant and Animal Species webpage to view information on at risk species in San Diego County.