Monitoring Efforts

The San Diego MSCP, MHCP, and future conservation plans all require monitoring of covered species and their habitats to demonstrate that the plans are meeting their biological goals. Each conservation plan has specific requirements for monitoring and each jurisdiction and participating agency is responsible for conducting monitoring on their conserved lands. Because of varying efforts by the multiple jurisdictions and agencies participating in the plans, monitoring data has not been collected in a coordinated fashion. Recent analysis of the monitoring data collected thus far for the MSCP has indicated that it is difficult to determine if the MSCP is meeting its biological goals due to differing priorities and methods used. Numerous documents have been written that address the problems with the monitoring efforts and that provide recommendations for improving the monitoring program. These documents are provided below:



    In an effort to implement the recommendation contained in the above documents, the SDMMP has been working with the participating jurisdictions and agencies to coordinate monitoring across the San Diego region. Go to the relevant webpages to read more about the SDMMP's efforts to coordinate:

    Animal Monitoring

    Plant Monitoring

    Connectivity Monitoring

    Visit the Plant and Animal Species webpage to view information on at risk species in San Diego County.