Land Management Efforts

The San Diego MSCP, MHCP, and future conservation plans all require the acquisition and management of conservation areas to support the long-term persistence of covered species and their habitats.  Each jurisdiction and participating agency is responsible for providing management on their conserved lands. The SDMMP is providing support to land managers in San Diego County by coordinating the implementation of regional management projects and assisting with identifying funding sources. Coordination of land management activities is needed because plant and animal populations are not restricted by ownership boundaries, and because threats and stressors tend to occur regionally. In addition to regular meetings with the land managers, the SDMMP is bringing together scientists, local experts, and the wildlife agencies to discuss how to improve the status of at risk species in San Diego County and to design adaptive management projects that can be implemented by the land managers. For more information on projects, visit the Adaptive Management page. For more information on funding sources, visit the Grant Opportunities page. For current SDMMP projects, see Cactus Wren


Management Strategic Plan (Jan 2013 draft available)

The SDMMP has developed a Management Strategic Plan (MSP) to identify science based management priorities, describe the rationale for expenditures for identified management actions, identify measurable goals, evaluate progress towards achieving goals, and identify anticipated costs and benefits of identified actions. The SDMMP invited a group of stakeholders to participate in several meetings to help develop the MSP. The first meeting of the Landscape Group was held in September 2011. Links to the meeting materials are below.     

Landscape Group Meeting held 27 September 2011:

Landscape Group Meeting held 8 February 2012:

Invasives Plant Species Framework/Strategic Plan

The Conservation Biology Institute, in collaboration with Dendra Inc. and Cal-IPC, has developed an Invasive Species Framework/Strategic Plan to identify key species and priority areas and methods to address invasive species in the region.  This document is intended to be a starting point for review and refinement, as land managers learn more about the distribution and impacts of invasive plants and how best to control them, recognizing that priorities and funding will change over time. A subsequent document will suggest an organizational framework for long-term implementation of the recommendations herein.  

  • Management Priorities for Invasive Non-native Plants A Strategy for Regional Implementation, San Diego County, California, September 2012 (10MB)
  • Plant Assessment Forms (click here)
  • Level 2 Invasive Plant GIS Shapefile (Zipfolder 10KB)


Visit the Plant and Animal Species webpage to view information on at risk species in San Diego County.