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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the SDMMP?

The San Diego Management & Monitoring Program (SDMMP) was created to provide regional coordination of management and monitoring in the San Diego MSCP, MHCP, and future conservation plan areas. The SDMMP also provides technical advice on the allocation of the Regional Habitat Conservation Fund (RHCF) under the TRANSNET Environmental Mitigation Program (EMP) approved by voters in November 2004 and administered by SANDAG. For more information on the TRANSNET EMP, go to http://sandag.org/index.asp?projectid=263&fuseaction=projectsdetail.

Why is there a need for regional management and monitoring?

Because species and habitats cross preserve boundaries, efficiencies can be gained through a coordinated approach to management and monitoring. For example, removing exotic weed species in a river system is best done starting upstream to reduce the potential for re-establishment downstream from an upstream source. 

How are projects chosen?

The SDMMP implements projects based on Strategic Plans approved by the EMP Working Group (EMPWG).

How are projects funded?

Funds are allocated from the Regional Habitat Conservation Fund (RHCF), administered by SANDAG, based on recommendations by the EMP Working Group (EMPWG).